Desnianskyi Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve Desnyanskyi

Roztochya Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve Roztochya

Shatskyi Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve Shatskyi

Cultural Ecosystem Services

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Cultural ecosystem services are of high relevance, especially in a modern, technology-oriented society. Varied and semi-natural landscapes offer a high recreational, educational and adventure value. The typical equipment and condition of ecosystems have a complex effect on the human psyche. In this way they also create identity and contribute to people feeling connected to their habitat. To check on the examples for cultural ecosystem services, click on the tabs below.

Physical and intellectual interactions with biota, ecosystems, and landscapes
  • Education, research and art
    • Bird/animal watching
    • Nature photography, painting, filming
  • Recreational and sport activities
    • (Eco)tourism
    • Outdoor sports e.g. swimming
    • Health treatments and sanatoriums
Spiritual, symbolic, and other interactions with biota, ecosystem, and landscapes
  • Aesthetic value
  • Spiritual value
  • Traditional, and cultural value
  • Ethnic, traditional crafts

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