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Sakura at Roztochya

by Mariana Verbovska

Halyna Striamets, deputy director of Roztochya Biosphere Reserve about EuroMAB – 2019

We were in Dublin. The Irish capital met us with fog, it seems that rain would go any moment from heavy clouds. Ukrainian team attended the EuroMAB conference. It was held at the Dublin Castle, Dublin Bay Biosphere Reserve, in Dublin, Ireland, from 2 to 5 April 2019. Meetings of the MAB National Committees and biosphere reserve co-ordinators of EuroMAB have taken place almost every two years since 1986. Here experts from different countries and different areas came together to share their experiences. Being a part of this meeting is a dream of everybody who works at Biosphere Reserve. And I am among them!

I was very impressed by Irish ability to see unusual in usual. For example, their approach to local nuts. They prepare peanut brittle and other sweets from nuts and do not сonsider it as a cheap raw product. Walnuts are very fruitful in Ukraine. It acclimatized in Ukraine and it shows that global warming has some benefits. I wouldn’t tell you about peaches and apricots. They are ripe in Ukraine but still are not delicious. But maybe in a few years, we shouldn’t travel to Uzhhorod for watching Sakura’s blooming. Maybe it will bloom at Roztochya. I have already planted one sacura.

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